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April 21, 2011
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Palkia Preview by OliGig Palkia Preview by OliGig
Palkia Preview
Thanks to Ignatius of the Nintendo Papercraft Forum for the model rip. Palkia will be released when I finish unfolding and building him.
Comment plz

UPDATE: it is finished unfolding, and the head is built. starting on the body now.

UPDATE MOAR: The whole right side is done, and it stands on one leg, defying gravity (?)
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Cool, I've been waiting for someone to do a decent Palkia.
The currently existing
I've also been waiting on a good ho-oh, but I have a feeling I'll live to regret that wish.
this palkia was too detailed so i'm workin on a v2, which is currently scheduled to be released in february. the date may change though.

:iconsabi996: is working on ho-oh, it has not been scheduled yet.
Inuranchan Jun 1, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I have to ask, how do you model these out and covert them to paper folds later?
I've recently started paper crafting but it's insanely easy for me. Even the overly complicated ones. However, obviously, I can't always find pokemon or things I want to make that don't have templates ready to go so I'd like to start making my own. Is there a free program for this?
well, first you need:
1. A 3D modelling program, I use Metasequoia (google it)
2. Pepakura Designer (google it)
3. Some 3D models ( has a lot)

1. Import your 3D model into Meta.
2. Check for intersections and simplify your model. Also pose it if necessary.
3. Open it in Pepakura and hit unfold! You can specify a size and edit the template to be buildable.

Note: The free version of Pepakura designer does NOT let you save your work, so either get the full version or print the template straight away and figure it out without instructions.

Hope this helps.
Where do you get a 3D model?
you can either make one yourself using a 3d modelling program, or download them on the internet, models-resource is a good place to start!

i use metasequoia to edit the models and simplify them so they are easy to build, and i also use it to make my own models :)

sorry i can't give you any direct links, but if you google a bit, you should find them easily enough ;)

hope this helps :D
Inuranchan Jun 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I have pepakura and did not relize it could do that! Thank you very much for the instructions they are very helpful :)

Thanks for the warning too, I like to work on any big project for a day so it won't be an issue but I certainly need to be careful of that.

Also, Palkia looks great. I actually really like alot of your papercrafts, thanks for making them accessible.
no problem! glad it helped.

also, thanks for all the faves. :D
Inuranchan Jun 14, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist

You're very welcome! :)
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